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If you dream of a rewarding career as a reputable equine bodyworker, the Certified Practitioner Course from the School of Applied Integrative Therapy is a great choice! You will not only gain all the credentials and requirements to become nationally certified, but you will gain confidence in your ability to build a profitable business and trust your intuition, feel and connection with the horse.


* You will have lifetime access to all online materials and updates for review as needed.

* Distance portion includes: The Transcendent Horse 5-Module series (140 hours), Certified Practitioner Package (100 hours), assignments, practice session and graded quizzes.

* WEEKLY EMAILS to address questions, go over materials for certified practitioner students, AND for inspiration and motivation!

*POP-UP BONUS WEBINARS - to be announced

* Access to a private STUDENT discussion group

*SEVEN private online coaching sessions during the distance study so your questions and concerns can be addressed along your learning journey

* TWO one-hour online coaching sessions after graduation to assist you in setting up a satisfying and successful practice.

*Access to instructors via email at all times and via appointment by telephone. We are here to help!

When signing up for the Certified Practitioner Course, all distance course are included!

You do not need to sign up for any other online course in this program.

Although a large portion of the program is conducted online, the course concludes with a 6 DAY HANDS ON INTENSIVE, final exam/practicum and reviewed case studies (*to be scheduled and paid at conclusion of the online/distance portion*).

This program is for you if you genuinely desire to not only understand the mechanics of the equine physical body but to reach deeply into the world of the horse and find appreciation for your own intuition and energetic connection. You will be gaining a truly amazing and rewarding way to make a living and a difference!

* The certified practitioner course includes a 15% discount on the 5 modules from purchasing separately.

* Please note that state veterinary boards regulate the laws in each state regarding animal bodywork and massage. You will want to look into the laws in your state before committing to a career in Equine Bodywork. These laws are continually changing. You can view the current list with the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork to check the latest information from your state CLICK: HERE - IAAMB. You can also check out the American Veterinary Medical Associations Scope of Practice for complementary and alternative veterinary medicine practice act update April 2019 CLICK: Here - AVMA.

* For further and the most up-to-date information on your state, call your state veterinary medical association and ask for the most recent exact wording from the Practice Act regarding Animal Bodywork. I usually make the distinction that this is massage and NOT chiropractic work.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Kim at [email protected] and we will try to help.

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Courses Included with Purchase

The UnBound Horse - Intro Course
Detect and Resolve Constriction In the Horse - Fun & Informative Basic Course in Equine Bodywork
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT
Empowered Empathy
The Art of Equine Bodywork
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT
Integrative Foundations
The FUN-damentals of Equine Bodywork and Applied Integrative Therapy
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT
Energy Based Therapies
Science and application of diverse energy and vibrational based modalities
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT
The Ultimate Transformation
The Complete Package ~ Putting it all together for utmost potential
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT
Certified- add on package for Transcendent Horse series
Included in the Certified Practitioner Distance course -
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT

Original Price: $3,286

Your Instructor

Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT
Kim Kizzier Sherrodd, LMT

I read once that if you want to write a book, you should write the book you want to read. Taking this advice, I have spent the past eight years creating the course(s) I would want to take while keeping within rigorous standards. All this information and training was not available in any one program when I first imagined such a gratifying career and there were few coaches to guide me.

When I am performing bodywork on horses, there is SO much more going on with them than I could possibly put into categories, theories or techniques. Although I always feel an awesome surge of validation when a horse awards me with what we call a “release” (yawning, stretching, licking and chewing), I somehow know that isn’t the full story. When I am deeply tuned in to the energy, I almost sense the horse will offer the “release” just to help me through the energetic moment; as if to encourage me along. So, I went deeper, learning from every avenue I could – especially the horse. In developing this program, my goal is to help students learn how to “feel”, gain empathy, and mostly to believe in themselves. I want to bring out that deep childlike depth and conviction which, to me feels like the same space that horses hold (and they are just waiting for us to catch up). This space has no rules or validation because it is nothing more than the present moment being shared between two souls. This is where magic happens.

The scientific approach to bodywork often felt cold and emotionally void to me; while the excited, “look she’s yawning” as the end answer to what is going on felt very shallow. I wanted to offer a deeply rich and intuitive experience while still teaching the scientific basics of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology.

For a long time, I was afraid people would take what I have to offer as too “Woo-Woo”. Fortunately, my faith and an incredible business coach prevailed and The School of Applied Integrative Therapy ~ Equine essentially birthed itself. This program is not only nationally and Internationally accredited, but weaves itself around stories from my own truly incredible journey with learning, growing, and intimately experiencing bodywork, natural and ancient healing practices, horses, and spiritual and personal development. Students not only gain knowledge, but also inner growth, depth of connection, and hopefully, a renewed belief in themselves and the world of equine. I would love to share this knowledge and deep experience with anyone wishing for such a valued and rewarding career or addition to horsemanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Although there are only two open enrollment periods throughout the year to begin the online portion of the Certified Practitioner Course (Classes begin Nov 1st and May 1st) the online course starts when you enroll and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online experience- you decide when you start and when you finish. Each week students will receive an email designed for inspiration and motivation to take them on the journey through the course but the pace is up to each individual. Once you have finished the distance portion of the program, you will schedule your 6 DAY live intensive., take the final practicum and receive your CERTIFICATION. You will be eligible to take the NBCAAM (National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage) national exams and/or become a Professional member or the IAAMB (International Association or Animal Massage and Bodywork).
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You will receive access to all updates to each and every module.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What is the 6 Day Live Intensive, where is it held and what is the cost?
The 6 DAY LIVE INTENSIVES scheduled for Spring/Summer 2020 and can be viewed on the course page entitled 6 Day LIve Intensive , The intensive consists of almost all hands on work and will include field trips to work on a variety of horses. * Future dates and locations are continually added. * Private or semi-private Intensives can be arranged at Devil's Tower, WY * The 6 Day live intensive cost is $900. and is paid at the time you book your dates. (A deposit of $200 will hold your spot with balance due 30 days prior to the event) * Each Intensive has a maximum of 6 students. *Room and board is not included in the course price but there will be several good options including staying on the property available.
What are the laws in my state for practicing animal bodywork?
* Please note that state veterinary boards regulate the laws in each state regarding animal bodywork and massage. You will want to look into the laws in your state before committing to a career in Equine Bodywork. These laws are continually changing. You can view the current list with the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork to check the latest information from your state, go to www.IAAMB.ORG and look under resourses. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will try to help.

International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork

The School of Applied Integrative Therapy is approved by the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy as an Approved Preferred Educational Provider. Provider # 19-22

National Board of Certification For Animal Acupressure and Massage

The School of Applied Integrative Therapy ~ Equine is an approved member school of the National Board of Certification For Animal Acupressure and Massage. Graduating students are eligible to take the national board exam for equine massage and bodywork.

Please feel free to contact the School of Applied Integrative Therapy if you have further questions:

By email: [email protected] or by Phone 605-430-7253


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