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Pathways to Wellbeing through Awareness and Feel

Can We Teach "Feel"?

Can we teach "feel"? This question has come up over and over throughout my travels and career. I have been working as a bodyworker for animals and their people for a very long time. I've also had a huge connection with horsemanship both for...


Bridging the Art & Science of Equine Bodywork

BRIDGING THE ART & SCIENCE OF EQUINE BODYWORK Recently, just before we entered this new world of social distancing, I was at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO and gave the presentation: Bridging the Art & Science of Equine Bodywork. We discussed the importance of...


The magical quality of TOUCH in equine bodywork

I am often asked how it is possible to make a difference with therapeutic bodywork when working on a 1000# animal like a horse. When looking at it as a matter of mass, the question makes perfect sense. It would take quite a bit of physical strength to manipulate the powerful and massive...


Stress, Trauma and Conscious Bodywork

STRESS, TRAUMA AND CONSCIOUS BODYWORK As bodyworkers, we learn during our studies that stress and trauma that is not fully processed at the time it happens, and I mean fully processed and released, lives on in the body. It is stored in our tissues, organs and brain sometimes resurfacing as...


6 Reasons to Call an Equine Bodyworker

What are my favorite aspects of Equine Bodywork? Well, that is a question that could take a very long time to answer. Of course, I love the animals and the people who love their animals. I have been honored to meet so many incredible people and so many remarkable animals. Quite often, I leave my...


Becoming a leader on the forefront of a promising career in animal bodywork.

This is an article I wrote for the NBCAAM quarterly newletter. I thought I would share because I really believe that animal bodywork is a beautiful, incredible and emerging career with nowhere else to go but up! Supporting each other is the best way to advance the profession and spread wonderful...